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Kitchen revamp on a tiny budget

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

New kitchens are such a commitment aren’t they? Probably the most expensive layout in any house renovation or update and you need to feel like you'll still love it in 10-15 years time. So whether it’s because you don’t have the budget to replace your kitchen but would like a change or you need a temporary fix until you save for the dream one, getting creative with a revamp can make such a huge difference. You might even turn it into a keeper!

This kitchen revamp was completed in collaboration with Frenchic paint (paint gifted) and Rebelwalls (botanical wall mural gifted) who were really awesome to work with and definitely made things easier. This whole revamp was completed for just under £500 including the retail cost of the gifted items and the addition of the table and chairs.


Cupboard and drawer fronts:

Even doors in poor condition can be painted, I was a bit worried about this as some of the laminated edges were chipped and loose. I removed any loose bits and gave everything a sand, was a great workout, no gym needed that week (like I go any other week). Sanding laminated surfaces can feel a bit pointless but you will notice the sheen disappear. You don’t actually need to sand when using frenchic paint but I wanted to make sure I got any surface grease and grime off. I gave everything a clean with sugar soap and then laid all units and drawers out flat on the floor, propped up by bits and pieces so they were raised off the floor and I could get to all edges to paint them too. I used frenchics alfresco range as it’s super tough and weatherproof but still has a very low VOC content. I used Blackjack for the bottom units and Dazzle Me for the top and painted all kickboards and inner edges of the units too. I gave everything 3-4 coats. Check out the difference between mine and my husbands painting hands! I used the original chrome handles and sprayed them with a primer followed by gold spray paint.

Saved by a grout pen:

The wall tiles were looking pretty tired and covered most of the walls. It was actually the grout that was the problem, luckily the tiles were plain white ones so easy to match in with anything else. I found a grout pen that comes in different colours and can make such a huge difference, available from amazon / ebay etc. It’s like using a felt tip really and comes in 2 sizes depending on your grout size. I used black but it also comes in white for refreshing white grout which never stays white for long! Could save you a massive, super boring job!

Wall mural:

I wanted something bright and bold to give the residents something lovely to look at whilst they’re eating or cooking. I knew I wanted something botanical and Rebel Walls have so many amazing prints to choose from. I went for ‘Secret Garden’ in Lush and just adore it! You provide your measurements and it comes all measured out into the lengths you need so it’s super quick and easy to put up. It has created a really lovely feature for the room.

Other stuff:

The bold patterned lino has really lifted the room. It was from online carpets and was just £7.19 per metre. It was easy to fit ourselves, we pulled up the laminated tiles and luckily there was some thick underlay already in place so we could lay the lino straight over the top. If you have tiles you may need to get the floor levelled first. I swapped the light fitting for this Matalan beauty, was just £50. We made the dining bench using OSB (chipboard) and hair pin legs and attached it to the wall to make it stable. The chairs were purchased from ebay for £100 for the set of 4. I added a chalkboard using an old mirror frame and backing board, sprayed the frame gold and sprayed the backing board with chalkboard paint.


Other ways to transform your kitchen:

I haven’t got round to trying it yet but you can also cover your worktop, units, floors, pretty much anything with stick on vinyl. If you want a certain look, don’t want to replace your worktop or are in rented accommodation and can’t paint, this could be your answer. It can be removed without damage, Jess Rose has an amazing range with so many fab patterns.

You could also paint other surfaces, such as the floor, Dizzy Duck do some awesome stencil patterns. Tiles stickers could also transform existing tiles, or cut your own designs out of vinyl.

I am so very happy with this transformation, it really feels like a new kitchen. It was completed a few months ago now and is still looking great. I would definitely recommend a revamp to anyone and would definitely do it again. Please get in touch if you have any questions, always happy to help xx


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