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My 'Get Creative With Gold leaf' course

If you enjoy getting creative with your interior decor, upcycling furniture, would like to learn a new craft or just want to make thoughtful, handmade gifts and cards for family and friends, this course is perfect for you. 

There is no minimum skill level required and the course is suitable for all abilities. A benefit to the course being online is that you can take your time, practice and re-watch as many times as you like, and if you get really stuck you can contact me for help. Excluding the Christmas section, the course will take approx 3 hours to complete, scroll down for course breakdown. 

"A brilliant gold leafing course! I've loved it and keep going back to it"

"The tutorials are fab! The leafing possibilities are endless. My furloughed days are definitely less mundane!"

"So loved doing this......I'm feeling so inspired after watching the course videos"

Buying as a Pressie?

If you would like to buy this course as a gift for someone else please purchase a gift card from the shop:


Introduction to gold

3:03 mins


Materials you need for the course

5:18 mins


Alternatively you can purchase a gold leaf starter kit

1:52 mins


Gold & Metal Leaf explained

7:56 mins

LEts gold leaf thumb new.png

For this practical session you will need a flat surface to practice the basics of applying leaf and we try out some different effects

33:26 mins


In this 2nd practical session we will take what we learnt from the last session and turn a plain pot or vase into a golden beauty

27:37 mins


Some common problems encountered when using gold leaf and how to overcome them

4:03 mins


I show you how to tackle uneven surfaces such as picture frames, skirting, mouldings etc

9:57 mins


I show you how to create an aged look on furniture

9:01 mins


I explain the options available for protecting your gold and how they show how they compare

5:20 mins

Christmas thumbanail .png

Gold leafing at Christmas, covers 4 tutorials including cards, baubles decorations and glowing tealight holders

49.00 mins

Cover correct.jpg

I talk you through how I turned an old chest of drawers into this golden beauty.

15.58 mins

Or if you would like to buy this course as a gift for someone else please purchase a gift card from the shop.
Geometric Shapes

Have you got everything you need?

You may already have some of the materials you need, such as small paint brushes for the adhesive etc, so you may wish to buy just a few materials individually to complete the course. However to save you time I have collaborated with Gold Leaf Supplies to put together a kit that includes gold leaf, adhesive, brushes, gloves, in fact everything you need to do the course and carry on gold leafing at home.

Want Lara to run a workshop from your shop, cafe or other venue?

Please feel free to contact us to make it happen!

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