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DIY side table

I never did get round to that lockdown DIY blog post I mentioned last time. As our lack of social activities continues I will be sharing more of what I've been upto in the house lately. One thing that seems really popular on instagram is this simple little DIY table. You may have seen something similar in high end retailers, one in particular sold out pretty quickly. When I saw @oakappledecor doing her fabulous version (pictured below - her home is amazing!), and noticed that my husband was throwing his old foam roller out, I knew that was the starting point for my own version. Note: if you're a bit anti serious physical exertion (like me) you may not know what a foam roller is, you use it to massage your muscles after running! So I am told.

I thought the foam roller would make the perfect base, you can purchase one for around £10 online from amazon etc, you could also use any sort of cylindrical object as your base.

You will also need:

1.Wood moulding - I used Wickes 18mm x 8mm x 2.4m pine half round moulding

2. Adhesive - I used Evo-Stik 'Sticks Like Sh*t (because the name)

3. Something round for the top - I used a lazy susan from ikea which was £7, alternatively a round chopping board would be perfect

4. Your chosen primer and paint, unless you want to leave it natural or use a wood stain on it

5. A saw

6. Tape measure

So, to work out how much wood moulding I needed, I used a flexible tape measure to measure the circumference of my base (the foam roller). I then looked at the different size wood moulding available to work out which size would best suit my foam roller circumference. I divided the total circumference in millimetres by the width of the wooden moulding. The maths:

Circumference = 380mm divided by 18mm = 21.1

So I would need 21 widths / pieces of wooden moulding to cover the base.

I worked out how many pieces I would get out of each 2.4m length of moulding by diving 2.4m by the height of my base.

In order to hold my wood in place while I sawed it, I used the very advanced technique my husband has developed - the wheelie bin handle method. Works really well at holding it still while you saw away. Excuse the shandy, was a hot summers day!

Once the pieces were cut I sanded any really rough ends. I then used my husbands shoes (the closest thing to hand) to hold the base still so I could go about gluing. I stuck half on, left them to dry and then did the other side. Following this, I glued my top on. Putting it together was super easy!

To finish, I primed it with Zinsser Bullseye 123 and then painted with a peach chalk paint I found on ebay.

My total spend on this cute little table was £32. I like it so much I may have to do more, although the husbands new foam roller is much too nobbly, he's got wise to my upcycling ways. If you make your own I'd love to see it and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for reading,

Lara x


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