Art was the backdrop to  youth. She was surrounded by art at home, her father was (and still is) an art teacher, so it's no wonder that Lara's studies led her to art. Lara's passion became focused when she bought her first home, renovating it with her now husband. Tight purse strings and a pursuit of beauty within the home, led to a honing of Lara's creativity. Upcycling furniture, creating features and wall art all became something of an obsession for Lara.  And while the home became Lara's canvas, Gold Leaf became Lara's favourite medium.


"Have nothing in your house that you do not

know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" 

William Morris

"I believe that beauty should not be reserved for stately homes, palatial manors and museums and that we all deserve to have beautiful things in our homes. Hopefully you will find some inspiration in the examples below. Check out my Instagram feed for more and to see what I'm currently working on."


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